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Harnessing the Latest technology and location based targeting, we cover the news in a wide variety of blogging formats ultimately creating a global blogging experience.

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Our mobile blog media and social blogging networking platform enable our users, our bloggers and our leadership team to collect and explore new topics in real time.

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Business Professionals providing a credible source of online blogging experience, plausible bloggers content, and spirited solution-driven blogging platforms — to a Digital Generation.


Get involved with an Innovative Online Blogging Experience that will change your life forever.

Why are we building this? THIS IS why! is dedicated to nonbiased blogging news coverage and more national and global events and how they impact the day-to-day lives of people, in a robust and aspirational way.

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This people-first digital “blogging the news” network will reach a wide range of demographics, spanning the Millennial, Generation Y, Generation X, and the early baby boomer age groups.

The breadth of blogging content, refreshing nonpartisan blog politics, and tech-forward presentation will position as a top source of blog-news in real-time globally.

Blogging the news - When you want it and how you want it!