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iNewsOneTV.com is a new and transformative platform for online “blogging the news content”. Based in Bloomfield, Connecticut, our team is made of seasoned nonpartisan managers who aim to transcend the negativity and lack of public trust in the mainstream media.

By creating a sophisticated digital blogging platform, we aim to position iNewsOneTV.com against competitors in streaming powerful online blogging content as we blog the breaking news 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With this content we hope to engage thought-provoking discussions of real issues in a real balanced and constructive way. Our aim is to inspire the country to rise above political biases and towards a better national culture for our posterity.

Mission Statement

The mission of iNewsOneTV.com is to be your trusted blog media company with plausible blogging content, unbiased blog-platforms, and spirited mobile media blogging platforms worldwide.

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iNewsOneTV.com, based in Bloomfield, Connecticut, is under the leadership of Wesley Morgan. A veteran of broadcast and cable television, radio, and digital media management companies, our founder and president brings more than 30 years of experience to our online news platform.


With his extensive entrepreneurial skills, Mr. Morgan will focus efforts on the company's national expansion, international growth, and innovation. An active manager, he will be engaged in the overall business and oversee short-term and long-term operational strategies. He is also committed to driving revenue profitability across all business assets and acquiring content and digital synergies. A specialist in training people and developing strategic leadership, Mr. Morgan will integrate all of these components to boost the company's productivity.

People First

Mr. Morgan is the creator and developer of our highly scalable business model, People First. This intellectual property is ready to launch on iNewsOneTV.com. With the vice president and chief executive officer, he will set the company's core transformational vision.

Digital Media

During his years in the broadcast sector and the digital media space, Mr. Morgan has seen many changes in online advertising. He has witnessed many changes in media management and marketing that will give him insight in managing iNewsOneTV.com.

Radio and Broadcasting

His early career began as on-air talent and producer with WNJR Radio in Newark, New Jersey. He owned Morgan Broadcasting, LTD, which owned and operated WNER-FM and WFSF-AM in Dothan, Alabama. At WIGO Radio in Atlanta, he profitably led the overall sales and digital marketing division. He also worked as the General Sales Manager for WWRL Radio in New York City, TCI Cablevision™ in Hartford, Connecticut, and WTMP-AM and WTMP-FM in Tampa, Florida. He was also the General Manager and Market Director of Sales and Digital Platform Operations for Urban Radio Broadcasting KBCE-FM and KMXH-FM in Alexandria, Louisiana, and has had stints as an Account Executive with KTAL Television, an NBC™ affiliate, and as a Senior Account Executive for Cumulus Media™ in Shreveport, Louisiana.


Mr. Morgan, a graduate of the New York School of Announcing and Speech. He also graduated from the RCA Institute of Technology, also in New York City.

Learn About Our Blog Operations Manager, Tangala Sales

She is a wife and mother of one daughter. She has worked for many years in the administrative field and loves to work with people and on computers. She loves to write and edit. She also loves to inspire young people to strive towards their goals. She graduated from Bay Path College and enjoys helping people. Tangala is working to complete her first novel.