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Digital Blog Media Advertising

While television advertising has fared better than print media, digital ads are expected to soon eclipse television for the first time. eMarketer estimated 2015 total media advertisement spending in the U.S. at over $182 billion and expects it to grow to $234 billion by 2020. In their research they state, "By 2020, TV ad spending's share will drop below one-third of total media ad spending for the first time in the U.S."

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With a higher probability of reaching target customers

The Paradigm Shifts:

Businesses are well positioned to increase consumers moving to Internet/Mobile Blog Media Content platforms: the Millennial, Generation Y, Generation X, and the early baby boomer age groups. New Blog Advertising Business Model will help your business achieve your advertising ad goals. Call Marketing Online Ad Sales Department today at 860-904-5699 or email us at

iNewsOneTV Advertiser’s Ad Model will have a higher probability of reaching target customers and would do so at less cost for our advertisers and sponsors. Targeted advertising will based on preferences and lifestyle choices. And advertising billing statements would be generated easily on the basis of ads delivered.

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