Donald Trump’s First 100 Days Were the Worst in the History of the Presidency

There is no doubt that Donald Trump’s actions as president have weakened our country. Trump’s first 100 days have been filled with twitter rants, an obsession with a wall and threats to other countries. He has literally made America a laughing stock.

As president Trump has made no noteworthy progress on any piece of legislation. His health care bill was an embarrassing disaster. His border wall has been a giant temper tantrum. His immigration ban was a worldwide nightmare.

Trump promised to drain the swamp and instead, he filled it with even more vile predators. He has only made nominations to fill 50 of 533 positions in the executive branch. Ninety percent of the top jobs are still waiting on nominations.

Trump’s presidency has been one scandal after another. No other administration has been distracted by scandals as much as Trump’s has.

Trump has no real foreign policy. Over the past few weeks and his spats with North Korea, Syria and Canada it appears that Trump is an isolationist. Right now, no one seems to know, not even Trump himself, who he sees as an ally and who he sees as a rival.

Trump is without a doubt the least popular president ever. His approval rate barely hovers at 43% and had dropped to 41%.

Though he is incapable of coming up with a health plan of his own, or of filling administration seats, or of not babbling like a child on Twitter, or of not wasting our tax dollars on vacations and golf games he is still the most powerful man in the United States. If that doesn’t scare you nothing will.

By Tammy Marie Rose