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It is time to Fix Everyday Media
At iNewsOneTV.com we are calling out       

As Everyday Media. Why you ask. The answer is a simple one…because these cable news networks’ make a living by repeating the same news stories every day!

Here at iNewsOneTv.com we believe these networks need to change the way that they share the news. Here are a few of the key reasons why we believe that this MUST BE FIXED!

  1. The American People have lost their voice in the national and international political sphere.
  2. The people have lost interest in their politicians, political leaders and politically-minded leaders.
  3. The nation is turned off by the back and forth between the two main political parties (Democrat and Republican).
  4. The people now believe that the business of the country is no longer the primary concern of their elected officials and political leaders.

At iNewsOneTV.com we know that the news you want cannot be discussed clearly in sound-bites, alternative news feeds, in online rants or in platforms of fundamental ideological biases.

It is time to rise up and tell CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News Channel enough with the nonsense! Stop being a narcissi cable news networks, it is not all about you. It is about reporting factual news stories.

At iNewsOneTV.com: If it Matters to you, it Matters to us.

Therefore, from this day forward we will say to CNN, MSNBC and Fox News that you will no longer be known as “The Mainstream Media” or Lame-stream Media. You will now be known as the Everyday Media.


Let’s get started:

  • Tell the Everyday Media, enough with the Breaking News! If the news was breaking news 1 day ago, it CAN NOT be breaking news again days later.
  • Tell the everyday media to stop trying to vet the President. They missed that window of opportunity during the election.
  • Tell the everyday media to tell President Trump to STOP loving President Putin and start loving America.
  • Tell the everyday media to tell the President that he cannot decide who has the right to live in America based on their race, religion, sexuality or nation of origin.
  • Tell the everyday media to tell the President that the White House is not a reality show. It is the people’s house.
  • Tell the everyday media to start preforming like the real American free press.
  • Tell the everyday media to remind the President that this is not his business he’s running it is ours.
  • Tell the everyday that at this time in our nation the people are ready to stop the Everyday Media from normalizing dangerous politician’s platforms. 
  • Everyday Media – we the people say to you - stop reporting alternative news. Alternative news is not real news.

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