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Save Our Democracy Fifty State Blast!

Over the coming weeks and months, we are inviting you to join us on a most extraordinary journey, a journey to save our democracy. At the bottom of this page: Let us know the cities, towns or the locale you would like for us to visit.

Our Mission

  1. In town-hall style forums across the nation’s events to Save Our Democracy, iNewsOneTV.com’s Bloggers and Team iNewsOneTV will invite special guests to join us to discuss and teach comprehensively “civic competency citizenry” awareness programs. This feature is created to engage both our online and offline audiences nationwide on the benefits of civic competence in a civil and democratic society.
  2. iNewsOneTV.com will utilize these events and the social media platforms to aggregate participation in getting new candidates to run for political offices that are willing and able to make the changes we seek, from the state houses to the White House.
  3. Create a massive voter registration drive campaign at every iNewsOneTV.com Save Our Democracy Events across the nation.
  4. Develop a productive and positive relationship with our police officers, fire fighters and military personnel. The goal is not to tell them what we want, but rather to let them tell us what their needs are. For example, more donations to a program that is closest to their hearts? They have a need for a more diverse team on their force? They are looking for better ways to fight sexism and bigotry in our nation? Or they might just need a hug? Whatever their needs are: if it matters to them, it matters to US.
  5. Our Key Goal: We will build these events over the next 4 years to the point where major and small organizations, local and top entertainers will partner with us to do Save Our Democracy Events in big and bigger areas nationwide with standing rooms only.
  6. This is the Most Vital Point of our Mission: Here at iNewsOneTV we understand the urgency and the importance of saving our democracy. That is why we are utilizing all our tools in our arsenal to do our part. We would love for users and viewers to join our bloggers on this journey. It is vital, especially now that Donald Trump and all leaders no matter their party clearly understands that they WORK FOR US. If the majority of American citizens are unhappy with the actions of our government we have the right and power to put new leaders in control. If we all work together to create change, we can move mountains!
  7. Our CORE Mission: To massively and successfully promote the importance of Saving Our Democracy nationwide. By utilizing all the tools in the iNewsOneTV.com arsenal and more, we are asking you to join our Bloggers on this journey, as they live stream and blog the events and report on top stories in news from Save Our Democracy Fifty State Blast Events across the nation.

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For more information on how to participate or how you can become a title sponsor, please email Tammy at: tammymarierose@gmail.com or email Wesley at: smccomms@comcast.net


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