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Trump Sends Aircraft Carriers To Edge Of North Korean Waters

As if sending 59 Tomahawk missiles to Syria without Congress’ consent wasn’t enough Donald Trump has deployed aircraft carriers toward North Korean waters.

Kim Jon Un, the unstable leader of North Korea, who fired a missile test earlier this month, has let the world know he is aware the carriers are headed his way. Trump and his administration have decided that it is wise to deploy the carriers as a “show of force.”

One would think that showing an unstable leader with an itchy trigger finger “a show of force” probably isn’t the wisest idea. China has also taken notice. Trump’s Syrian strike is most likely left China uneasy due to the rough rhetoric on North Korea from members of Trump’s administration.

NBC recently reported that part of Trump’s North Korea policy is to kill Kim Jong Un. China will now take the US’s threat to go alone after North Korea much more seriously now.

The carriers now close to North Korean waters includes USS Carl Vinson, with the support from several missile destroyers and cruisers.

North Korea continues to show signs that it is prepared to do another nuclear test and a “show of Force” could cause them to move things forward quickly. It is believed that North Korea may very have a nuclear weapon atop a missile that can reach the United States. If this is true perhaps we may want to reconsider this “show of force.”

By Tammy Marie Rose.