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Since Donald Trump’s Inauguration The Secret Service Has Spent More Than $35,000 On Golf Cart Rentals

A new report by CBS News shows the Secret Service had spent more than $35,000 of tax payer’s money on golf cart rentals at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Largo resort since Trump took office.  This report comes just as Trump is planning another weekend vacation at the Florida resort after spending three days there last week during Easter.

Investigators with CBS News reviewed purchase orders showing that so far $35,185 has been spent renting golf carts during Trump’s weekly visits to Palm Beach, Florida.

Since his inauguration, Trump has played many rounds of golf in Florida and Virginia. Throughout his campaign and before Trump had made harsh comments about President Obama playing rounds of golf and even pledged that he would not be seen playing golf because as president he would be too busy working to make America great again to play golf.

Trump has come under fire by the media for his frequent weekend vacations that so far, have cost more than $20 million. At this rate, Trump will soon surpass the amount Barack Obama spent on vacations during his eight years in office. Trump will literally have paid more to play golf in just a few months than Barack Obama did on vacations in eight years.

By Tammy Marie Rose