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Having Ted Nugent in the White House Was a Vile and Disturbing Move by Donald Trump

The White House is often a place that celebrities are welcomed by the president. Recently Donald Trump opened the oval office up to Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, and Kid Rock. It would have been difficult for Trump to have chosen three less deserving individuals.

The deplorable trio even took and shared mocking photos in front of a painting of Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin and Kid Rock have long histories of bizarre behavior and putting their foot in their mouths and not manning up to admit it or apologize, but Ted Nugent is his own brand of disgusting.

Bringing Ted Nugent to the White House clearly proves that Trump has no class. Let’s look at just some of Ted Nugent’s vile and bizarre behavior.

Ted Nugent has repeatedly shared racist memes on his Facebook page and has repeatedly praised the use of the word nigger.

During a concert in 2007, Nugent brought an assault rifle on stage and waved it around. He told the crowd that Hillary Clinton should “ride one of these into the sunset, you’re a worthless bitch” and he later stated that President Obama should “suck his machine gun.”

In 2014, Ted Nugent called President Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and called Hillary Clinton a “toxic cunt.”

In May of 2016, he promoted a video that said Hillary Clinton should be shot and in January of last year he stated that Clinton should be hung for treason.

Despite all this, Donald Trump thought it was appropriate to have Nugent as a guest in the White House. This situation speaks volumes about the morals of our president.

By Tammy Marie Rose