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US Aircraft Carrier Went In Wrong Direction For Days

Two weeks ago, Donald Trump and his administration claimed that an aircraft carrier was deployed and headed toward North Korean waters. Those claims were false because the aircraft carrier was going the wrong direction.

On April 8, because of growing tensions between the United States and North Korea, the USS Carl Vinson set off north to the western Pacific. The slow approach toward North Korea was supposed to be a show of force directed at Kim Jong Un.

According to U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster the next day the group was being rerouted from Singapore toward the Korean Peninsula as another show of force.

While the show of force was taking place Donald Trump ranted on about the threat of North Korea. Trump warned “we are sending an armada, very powerful. We have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than an aircraft carrier.”

“We have the best military people on Earth. And I will say this: He is doing the wrong thing,” Trump continued on.

His bragging looks pretty silly now after Defense News pointed out on Tuesday that the photos released by the US Navy show the aircraft carrier passing through the Sunda Strait in Indonesia, about 3,500 miles from the Korean Peninsula, last Saturday. It was moving away from North Korea when U.S. officials said it was moving toward the peninsulas a “show of force.”

Since the mistake was pointed out the ship has changed direction and it will arrive near North Korean waters far later than threatened.

The Trump administration blames the incident on miscommunication. The White House has not responded to questions about the incident.

By Tammy Marie Rose