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The Wall

Donald Trump is so obsessed with building his wall that he will sacrifice vital services for the elderly and children to do so. He’ll throw Elmo under the bus and take the only real meal many elderly individuals get away. He’ll try to shut down planned parenthood and bring back the coat hanger abortion all to build this wall. He’s willing to take away the only nutritious meal many children all across the US have by ending the free lunch program.

Building this border wall would be a terrible example of diplomacy. It would create an even more strained relationship with Mexico. Mexico is one of our closest allies and trading partner. Why would we even consider jeopardizing that?

There is no doubt the wall would be an incredible waste of money. It has been estimated that the wall would cost taxpayers more than $25 billion. With $25 billion we could keep Meals on Wheels running, keep PBS on-air, build over 1,000 new elementary schools or send 300,000 veterans to college or we could install enough renewable energy sources to run 5 million homes. Simply put we could help hardworking Americans get ahead.

This wall isn’t about keeping the “bad guys” out its all about feeding his over inflated ego so he can point his tiny orange fingers at it and say “I built that.”

By Tammy Marie Rose